Citizen Science

Our projects are citizen science based, involving the general public with direct participation.

Understanding for conservation

We believe learning about our subjects is essential for their protection.

Spread the word

Learning about these species is worth nothing if we do not share the information,  educating the public about our findings is essential.

Covering an area of only 159 square miles, the county of Paraíso is home to over 500 species of birds, many of which are highland endemics of Costa Rica and Panama. Through this project we are scouting every corner of the county to understand the exact distribution and status of the bird species that occur. The final result will be a publication with specific distribution maps of where these species occurs within the county, which will be of great importance when creating conservation plans.



Domingos Pajareros

Es una iniciativa que pretende motivar al público en general a conocer las especies que alberga el cantón de Paraíso a través de la observación y caminatas guiadas.

La actividad es gratuita y al final de cada ruta enviamos la lista de eBird de las especies avistadas a los participantes.